Monday, February 14, 2011

Today is day 1 and Goal #1 Start a Blog

I have a little clarification to make.  It seems that the 30 goals challenge began in 2010 and well... I'm a bit behind the 8 ball, like usual.  There is already a 2011 version that is being followed by some folks. When I began thinking about beginning the challenge I was reading about the 2011 version but I, however, will be playing catch up for a bit and will begin my journey with the 2010 version.

So, ....
My first goal is to begin with a blog.  If you are reading this, which I hope very much that someone is, then you know already that I have accomplished goal #1.

This blog will be mainly about my journey through the 30 goals challenge and how it changes my teaching but it will be sprinkled with odds and ends of my personal life.  As with anything a person does with passion there will be a small piece of "me" in every post.  I will try to update every day but some of these challenges may take more than one day to see results so you will most definitely see one post a week.

As I said in my previous post, it's not too late to start.  You can start at any point with any goal.  You don't even have to do them in order.  Just pick a spot and begin.

So.  When I was talking to my class today, I just kinda threw out a question... "Do any of you know what a blog is?".  I got the deer in the headlight look.  These are 8th graders! ! !

I think by the end of the school year we will be blogging about our school day.  Maybe even have a homework blog.  Yeah, that's it... we'll start a homework blog!

Can't wait til tomorrow and goal #2


  1. If you're looking to get your kids blogging in a secure and safe environment, check out Their posts can be completely hidden or public. This allows you to talk about classes, even using names, in a much more safe way than where everyone can see that information. We use it at my school to have our kids talk about the books they're reading. It's set up a bit more like a discussion board, but I've heard a lot of people use it with success.

  2. Hi Ellen! Welcome to the challenge! I agree with Brian that Kid blog is very good and easy to use. Edublogs Campus is another good place! Check out this resource,

  3. Hi Ellen! We are on the same page! There are different goals for 2010 and 2011 right? LOL I like your reaction from the 8th graders... they've got Facebook wrapped around their little fingers, but try to put an educational spin on web 2.0 and they are like "huh?" :)