My 5k Training Diary

Well, as part of the 30 goals challenge I have decided to run a 5k in April.  This isn't a totally new idea for me.  Last year, I started interval training and loved every minute of it.  The 100 degree days were the first signs of my downhill slide.  My major problem was that I didn't start back once the temps got back to normal.  Then when the low temps set in I had a new excuse.

As of now I am working on finding a training program that will "fit" my lifestyle so I don't have any excuses.  Until I find the perfect plan for me, I'm going to alternate crosstraining and run/walk routines.

2/21/11     30 min. on the stairmaster - What a workout.  Started on level 3 but had to change to level 1 to get through the whole 30 min.

2/22/11     I've been reading a lot of good stuff about the couch to 5k program so I downloaded the week 1 workout mix from The run went well and I will give it a couple more workouts before I really start to judge it and the results.

2/2311 - Rest Day

2/24/11 - Wish I would have watched the weather a little better and planned today as my rest day.  The rain is coming down in sheets so no workout today.

2/25/11 - It would have been really easy to just keep driving until I reached my driveway.  I really didn't want to do d2w1 of the c25k program.  It was 38 degrees and still gloomy from the rains yesterday.  The ground was mushy and it would have been a great da to just stay home and sleep.  But.... I did and am glad for it.  I feel better and think I'll sleep better for it.

2/26/11 - Well, today I realized that I was mentioning my day and week all wrong.  I should be posting what day I'm on like this W1 D3.  And by the way... Week 1 is DONE! !   I felt good this morning after my run yesterday so I went ahead and finished up the week today.  I know I should have rested a day but I can rest tomorrow :-)  I think I'll download the week 2 intervals and give it one more week.  I'm feeling great and if nothing else it's making me feel good about myself.  I get a great sense of accomplishment when the run is finished.  I kinda feel like Rocky when he ran up those steps in the movie.

2/27/11 - I have enjoyed the weather this weekend, but I may have over trained.  Today was supposed to be my rest day but after looking at the weather report for the week and planning my "jaunts" I decided to go ahead and do W2D1 today.  We have a 100% chance of rain for tomorrow and at this point in my training I don't want to run in the rain.  My right lower leg is killing me.  It feels a lot like shin splints so tomorrow is most definitely a rest day.  Time for a shower and some bio-freeze.

3/1/11 - W2D2 was a great workout.  Finished and continued to walk an additional mile just to enjoy the weather.

3/2/11 - Not a scheduled Rest Day but rested today due to late meetings at school

3/3/11 - I'm trucking right along with this training program.  Glad I decided not to skip week 2 I think I'm gonna need this base as I move into weeks 3 & 4.  Today I broke out the running skirt and felt like I got a few strange looks but the warmer weather really feels good.  Bring on week 3! ! !

3/4/11 -  I really didn't want to start week 3 but after it was all over I felt sooooo much better and glad to say I completed W3D1

3/6/11 - I had company for W3D2.  The Hubs decided I was having too much fun without him so he went with me.  No not really.  I think I finally wore him down with asking that he join in that he finally caved.  At the end of the 30 min I was breathing harder than he was.  boo on that.... I've been busting my tail for 3 weeks and he's in better shape than me??  (raising eyebrows) I'm just competitive enough to step up my training next week.  We'll see what next weekend brings.  :)

3/17/11 - Well, I've been really lazy at updating my blog lately... Sorry 'bout that.  To update you on my progress I have officially finished week 4.  I will be on W5D1 on Sat.  The weather is predicted to be beautiful and I'm going to go Sat. morning to buy a new pair of shoes so I'm really looking forward to the run.

3/19/11 - Went and bought a new pair of shoes today and Man they did the trick! !  Nike Zoom Vomero are the BOMB.  Finished W5D1 with no problem.  May even finish D2 tomorrow, I feel that good.