Monday, February 21, 2011

Goal 4 - Support a new BLOGGER

Supporting bloggers is so important to their success as well as your own.  Since I have been blogging I have also been reading other blogs.  I feel like the experience of reading other posts has and will continue to help my writing.  It motivates me to want to write more and share even more with readers.

There are a few blogs that I subscribed to over the past few weeks and read regularly.  I have even commented on a couple.  I hope they enjoy reading the comments as much as I enjoy reading comments on my blog.

Now, on to how this process will help my teaching....
I'm still playing with the idea of creating a blog for my students.  I feel like this will give them a way to communicate through online media that isn't facebook.  This project is still in the research stage since I have to keep it pretty secure and private, but I believe that if my students could post and then receive comments that are kind in nature they may be more motivated to write just as I am.  Who knows?? They are 8th graders after all.  Their main concern is their social life, right?  :)

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  1. Hi Ellen!

    I'm excited about your project. I think you're right about student motivation. For my students, it was also a stress relief and as teens they often needed to write out their struggles. With a public blog they might not do that right away. Mine was private writing. However, the great thing about public writing is that they get comments from all over the world.