Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Goal 5 - Update your online profile

Keeping your profile up to date is very important these days.  You just never know what kinds of opportunities are waiting for you when people are searching your name while online.

As a teacher - wanna be principal - I have already updated my online profiles and try to keep everything on all sites the same.  The only problem is that some sites ask for different info but they are basically the same.  I even use the same profile pic on all sites so people who are looking for me know they've found me. :)

Keeping my online profile updated will help my teaching by letting people know who I am, what I stand for, and what my educational qualifications can do for them.  It lets parents know what I look like so

It's been a few posts back that I posted the link to the goals that I'm following.  So, I thought I would post the link again in case someone reading my blog could jump in and take this journey with me.

I hope this link works.

Maybe one of the upcoming goals will be how to make these huge url's smaller :)

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