Sunday, February 20, 2011

Goal #2 Contribute to a Blog Carnival

I bet someone thought I had forgotten about the blog or maybe even fallen off the edge of the earth.  There were times during the week that I was wondering if the whole blog and 30 goals challenge was going to be too much for me to commit to at this point in time.  However,...

Goal 2 in the 2010 "30 goals challenge" is to contribute to a "Blog Carnival".  I have to admit that I've never even heard of a blog carnival.  I've heard of a shoe store named Shoe Carnival (they have great deals, by the way) and Carnival cruise lines (Best vacation I've ever taken) but never a blog carnival.  I had to do a google search and really only came up with one site...

I didn't actually contribute any original material to this blog carnival but I did spend a lot of time reading through the various blogs.  I've added several to my feed reader and will become smarter because of finding this site. I have discovered it seems that everyone has an opinion on everything and   when I need an opinion on something I'll go back to

I hope you have a great weekend!

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