Sunday, February 20, 2011

Goal #3 Join a challenge, marathon, or a class

Please remember that I am following the 2010 version of the "30 goals challenge" then I will pick up the new goals.

I could easily call this goal already done.  I am currently in the last semester of my 2nd Master's degree working on my Educational Leadership certification.  There is my class.  This whole process of the 30 goals is a challenge in itself.  There is my challenge.  I am in no shape to run a marathon so instead of that I think I'll look for a 5k, fun run or walk to join.  With this I will feel like I have accomplished goal #3 without cheating.  "-)

Now, you might ask "How will all of these things change my teaching?"  Well by getting my administrator certification I am learning how to be a better leader.  The same goes for this blog.  I am learning about educational technology and how to apply it to the instructional setting.  As far as the 5k, I am learning that physical exercise strengthens the mind as is de-stresses our lives.  As a less stressed out teacher and a stronger person, I will be able to deal with challenges my job and family place on my life daily.


  1. Kudos to you! Doesn't matter which version you are following, its the process that counts! I'm up to challenge 15 with the new version on my fairly new blog (and really new twitter) and feel that after a long day at school (special ed too!) it lets me look at my teaching from a diffferent angle.
    Virtually met interesting people through it too!
    Keep it up!
    Naomi Epstein

  2. Goooo Ellen! Good luck with your class and finding a 5k! The nice thing about these types of races is that you can walk too, don't feel pressured to run the whole thing. I am running my 2nd 1/2 marathon in April. I saw lots of people walking it last year. Still an accomplishment and you are so right, exercise will make you a better teacher!!

  3. Ok Robin you sound like a running pro. Can you give me any tips? I've found a 5k that is mid April so I have plenty of time to get this running thing down. I'd really like to run most of it just so I can say I actually ran it. Who wants to say "Yeah, I WALKED a 5k this past weekend". NOT ME! ! ! :-)

  4. Ellen, I really like Jeff Galloway's method of training. Check out his website: