Saturday, March 19, 2011

Update on Goal 3


I have been training for a 5k run on April 16th.  My first ever I should add! ! !  This was my challenge to myself, and I'm glad I chose this one.

I'm finding that running is giving me a chance to completely empty my mind of all the stress my life as a teacher, student, mother and wife put on me.  I believe that my taking just 30 minutes for myself 4 times a week is making me appreciate those around me even more.  I feel more organized which in turn makes my life at school much better.  I am more focused on the task of teaching math to my students and even feel more in-tune to their needs.

As state testing approaches I am WAY less stressed as I was last year.  This will translate to my students and make for a less anxious testing situation for them.

If you've ever wanted to become more active but never thought of yourself as a runner you should try the C25K program from

index.shtml.gif bannerintervals.jpg 

I have downloaded the interval mixes from that go with each run and together it has changed my life.

 I may not be a runner for life but I'm at least a runner for now and that's all that counts.

 One day at a time! !  :-)

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